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    Arjun Singh Virdi
    Core Organizing Member

    Arjun Singh Virdi, 49 is an avid and a very strong sportsman. A known name in the marathon circuit of Mumbai has also represented India in New York full Marathon. He doesn't give up on training plans once committed whether it is cycling, weight training or trekking. His level of dedication and passion is unmatchable. "Running is a mental sport" says Mr Arjun Virdi. Running helps introspect oneself and makes him a steadier and mentally happy person. He is competitive not only with others but also with himself. His motive is not just to run full and half marathons but to be a healthy runner in whole. He isn't the type to sit back and wait for things to happen instead he is a spontaneous go getter. He strongly believes "I grow young as my shoes grow old ".

  • Pacers 21k

    Kavin Kondabathini (21.1Km, 1:36:22 Hours)

    Kavin had always been passionate about running from his school days. He has evolved through the years, turning his hobby into a full-time activity. He has run over 57 half marathons, 22 full marathons and 8 ultra-marathons across country and has taken part in National and International events.

    His international career highlights includes winning two Bronze Medals for India in Duathlon and Half Marathon at the World Master Games at Turin, Italy in August 2013 where he represented India. He has also participated & represented India at Mercantile Athletic Meet at Colombo in October 2014

    Currently associated with Reebok Running Squad as Head Coach specializing in running training. He is also Running Ambassador for IDBI Federal Life Insurance. He is a regular fixture at various running events as an invitee/ guest speaker and goes the extra mile to motivate people to move towards a healthy lifestyle through running.

  • DEEPAK BUDHRANI (21Km, 2 Hours)

    Hi I am Deepak Budhrani age 43, I have been running for last 6 years. My debut HM was in 2011 Goa river marathon, where I clocked 2:02, next was SCMM which i finished comfortably in 1:53,after that there was no looking back, I have done 3 FMs. My Best being 3:47 last year, my best HM timing is 1:46 in Thane Hiranandani HM. Navi Mumbai marathon would be debut for my pacing skills. Have already paced Kutchi Minithon (10k in 60mnts).

  • INDERPAL KHALSA (21Km, 2 Hours)

    Age - 22 years, mainly into long distance running....Started running in mid of 2013 with Run India Run 10km as first event in 52mins, Varsha half Marathon 2013 2.02, Goa half marathon 1.52 (2013) Sabarmati half marathon 1.42 (2014), SCMM FULL MARATHON 2014 4HOURS 2MINUTES SCMM 2015 3.59 (FULL MARATHON), Nilgiris ultra 100kms 2014 ranked 5th 12.28 Run of Kutch 1st position 160kms 2015, Bhatti ultra 3rd position 160kms 2015 24hours stadium run 136kms ranked 9th 2015.

  • SANDRA JACQUET (21Km, 2.15 Hours)

    Sandra Jacquet, started running slightly over four years ago as she had wanted to tick "run a marathon" off her bucket list but then found that running was her true passion. Since then she has hardly ever missed a training session with her Striders group and tries to run at as many events as possible to improve her PB. She has run numerous half and full marathons as well as 10K events. She is well recognised at the Sunday runs from the NCPA. With Bandra Striders full support together with other members of the group she is involved with supporting newcomers to the joys of running. She also has also managed to motivate her neighborhood friends to start walking with an aim to have them running in the near future. Her natural gait will enable her to easily maintain a steady pace for her "bus"

  • ASHWIN KINI (21Km, 2.15 Hours)

    "Ashwin is an enthusiastic volunteer and a popular face among the Navi Mumbai Runners group. 2 years since Ashwin started running he has been regularly training within Navi Mumbai. He has participated at over 10 half marathons and regularly runs at the Navi Mumbai Runners group runs. His personal best is 1:53 at Vasai Virar Mayor's Marathon 2016. He has recently completed his first full marathon at the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017. Ashwin will be pacing the 2:15 bus and welcome all to the home ground."

  • K. HARIDASAN NAIR (21Km, 2.30 Hours)

    K.Haridasan Nair, Ex Army man, Coach of Runtastics…Dilse (Wellness Paradigm) since 3 years in Thane 1 year in Palm beach and Ghatkopar.

    My best time in Half Marathon 66 min and Full Marathon 2.26. From 2000 to 2007 I took a break from events but continued to train and participated my 1st Mumbai Half Marathon in 2008 and clocked 1.43 Hours and in 2011 I clocked 1.35 Hours. In 2013 I participated in Full Marathon and clocked 3 hours 36mnts.Now I, am focusing more on training. This year in Aug I will Complete 32 years of running. For me running is my passion and I have realized that it is also a means for healthy and hearty life. It makes me feel stress free. It gave me a chance to interact with many people.

  • ADITYA PATHAK (21Km, 2.30 Hours)

    Aditya is a private banker by profession and a passionate runner. He has been running since last 2 years. Running to him is time to himself. To him running rejuvenates and refreshes mind. He is regular with his run on Palm Beach Road on weekends. He likes to explore new places by doing early morning run. Besides running, he also likes traveling and cycling. Personal Best in SCMM 2014 – 02:08.

  • MRS. BALWINDER AURORA (21Km, 2.45 Hours)

    Mrs. Balwinder Arora, is an academician, a Trained Graduate Teacher working with the prestigious Atomic Energy Education Society, part of the Bhabha Atomic Research Center. Balwinder is a fitness enthusiast herself. She is into running since last 4 years and has participated in various Marathons like Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, Satara Hill Marathon, Pinkathon etc & and a 10 km event in London.

    She has also completed the Running Technique Program from the Running School, London. Her best timing is 2:22 in the recently held Pinkathon, Mumbai. She is very passionate about running as it has developed an attitude of "never give up" in her & she lost 32 kgs in her four years of journey with this attitude & complete devotion.

  • UMESH CHURI (21Km, 2.45 Hours)

    Umesh Churi, Mechanical Engineer (VJTI) and MBA Finance. Worked in India and Abroad with Oil and Gas Sector. Participated in few Full and Half Marathons like Vasai Virar Mayors Marathon, Satara,IDBI, BNP. 21 Km PB 2.06 Hours. A year back I started training from Hari Sir for the only reason of health and fitness. (Thanks to my wife Manita who pulled me into this). Within a short span of time few KMs got converted into HM and now FM. I could recover from some of the health issues. Today I insist all my friends to invest at least 1 Hr daily for their health and fitness. Why one should run? Because it helps relieve stress, starts the day with positivity, this positivity recovers you from various health & other problems of life and you enjoy interacting with all friends. Join my bus and have fun running.

  •   Pacers 10k

  • KULWANT SINGH KHALSA (10Km, 60mins)

    I love running, cycling, trekking and crossfit training. I ran my first marathon 3 years ago, it took me around 1 hour 28 mins though it was without any practice. Now it has been 3 years and I have participated in more than 15 marathons. Recently I have started my own running group known as Young Runners where we teach and learn about running forms and it's free of cost. My personal best for 10kms is 47 mins. And my target is to reduce my PB to 36 mins in 2 years of time.

  • ANURADHA GADRE (10Km, 60 mins)

    A marketer by profession, Anuradha took to running back in Sept 2014 in a quest to get fitter. What started as a need soon turned into passion and half marathons became a way of life. With 11 half marathons (PB1.50) and 1 full marathon under her belt, she now looks forward to better her time and train for her next races.

  • DEVENDRA MANE (10Km, 65 mins)

    I have completed 2 Ultra Marathons, 2 Full Marathons, 19 half marathon runs, 15 – 10 km runs. Completed 1500 Kms of running in the calendar years 2013 to 2015. Have been an official pacer at three events and unofficially paced several friends to achieve their PBs.

  • TANUJA SODHI (10Km, 70 mins)

    Tanuja Sodhi is an ex-Naval officer from the first batch of lady officers in the Indian Navy. Today, she is a reputed nutritionist and fitness consultant. Driven by her practical experience of owning a fitness studio for several years, Tanuja advises her diet & fitness clients from the point of establishing what form of exercises are suitable for them, up to the stage of designing fitness schedules for them with great commitment and panache. Tanuja has authored "Parenting in the Age of McDonald's" by Rupa Publications, which is a ready reckoner for parents while dealing with children through their growing years. She regularly conducts corporate workshops and is a motivational speaker. She blogs regularly on fitness and nutrition on her website She is an avid marathoner and has run numerous full and half marathons, and one Ultra Marathon. She has been a podium finisher in numerous races and was adjudged The Runner of the Year 2012 (Winner) and the Runner of the Year 2013 (Runner up) in NCR. She has also dabbled with Olympic Distance triathlons in recent years and regularly participates in commando style obstacle races.

  • HIMANSHI TARAGI (10Km, 75mins)

    My name is Himanshi, a Software Engineer by profession, a mountaineer and a proud naval wife. I started my marathon journey from Jan 2015 with Hiranandani Powai marathon 2015.. Initially I ran to maintain my fitness, but soon got hooked to the sport and started loving it Since then, I have ran multiple marathons includes three half marathons, Mirchi Monsoon Half Marathon 2016 02:40:, IDBI Federal Life Insurance Mumbai Half Marathon 2016 02:41, Navy Half Marathon 2016 2.28 and multiple 10 Kms i.e Pinkathon, Hill Run Challenge, BNP Endurathon, Hiranandani Thane & Powai half marathon etc. Mind sees the world from various perspectives when body does long-distance running. I am preparing for Advance mountaineering and Marathons are playing a vital role in it. Running strengthens self-motivation. Keep calm and run a marathon.

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